My Gadgets

As someone who constantly like to live on the bleeding edge of the best and latest technology (money permits), inspired by Paul Thurrott, I would like to share what I use everyday. If anyone think this list is useful, let me know,  I’ll try to keep this list as updated as possible.


I’m currently using a high-res 15-inch Macbook Pro from early 2011 running Mac OSX v10.8 Mountain Lion. It has a blazing fast Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7 (2635QM) with 8GB of RAM and 160 GB Intel X25-M G2 SSD. It is covered in Bodyguardz Full Body to protect it from scratches.

To expand the storage in my Macbook Pro, I also have Western Digital MyBook Elite 1.5TB for storing everything I have and act as a Time Machine drive. A 500GB Hitachi external drive is used as storage expansion to complement the SSD.

This Macbook Pro is now my primary machine. It is connected to Dell 24″ UltraSharp U2410 monitor with Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Trackpad. This setup allows me to have a desktop-like experience at home, and yet I can bring everything with me when I need to go out. Perfect !!

Portable devices

I currently use Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4 as my main communication device. I usually bring Sony MDR-EX32LP earphone for music listening and Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset for joining long conference calls.

I have also have the latest Apple new iPad (3rd gen) Wifi+4G 64GB for general media consumption and photo viewing/editing when travelling with Apple Camera Connection Kit.

My digital camera now is a Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm and 16mm lenses. It may not match the previous Canon 450D with 17-55mm lens I had, but being smaller, it gets brought out more often, and therefore more pictures taken with it.

Windows software

I only use my Windows 8 in a virtual machine for copying files to NTFS drive and accessing websites that are only IE-friendly.

Mac software

Ever since August 2008 when I have fully moved all my computing activities to a Macbook, I have installed (and thrashed) lots of applications. In January 2011, I sold the Macbook (white) and gotten myself a Macbook Pro. The main applications I have installed are:

  • Browsing: Google Chrome
  • Instant messaging: iMessage
  • Email: Gmail
  • Video and voice conference: Skype
  • Photo management: Adobe Lightroom 4 and iPhoto
  • Music and media management: iTunes
  • Document editing: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
  • Media playback: VLC
  • Virtual machine: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • Finance management: Moneydance
  • Note taking: Evernote
  • Text Editor: TextWrangler
  • Backup: Time Machine and CrashPlan
  • Syncing: Dropbox
  • Resource monitor: atMonitor
  • Video converter: MPEGStreamclip and Miro

Last updated: 15 Apr 2013

Change log:
15 April 2008 – Added Macbook and Mac software section.
02 May 2008 – Replaced Nokia N95 with Nokia E90, added Smugmug uploader.
15 June 2008 – Added Sony MDR-EX32LP.
22 July 2008 – Added few more applications installed in Macbook.
13 September 2008 – Added Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB and Logitech V470 Bluetooth Laser mouse.
12 December 2008 – Added iPod Nano, Canon Ixus 860IS, and Live Mesh.
17 December 2008 – Updated Macbook hard drive upgrade and Mac software used.
04 March 2009 – Added EOS 450D, updated Windows software section.
12 March 2010 – Updated everything to match the latest state and any new gadgets.
17 April 2010 – Upgraded desktop PC specs to AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+.
27 August 2010 – Upgraded Macbook to 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. Removed Axim X51v from list.
05 January 2011 – Added iPhone 4,  Jawbone Icon, and general clean-up.
07 September 2011 – Added Macbook Pro, removed Macbook, desktop PC, Nokia E90, and general clean-up
07 July 2012 – Added Sony NEX-5N and Apple Wireless Trackpad, removed Canon 450D
15 Apr 2013 – Updated OS to Mountain Lion and added CrashPlan

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