Crap Singnet cable modem

The few commandments when using Singnet 2Wire cable modem:
  • You shall restart me at least once a day, else I’ll just stop working.
  • You shall not copy anything > 1 GB over Ethernet cable between machines, else I’ll stop everything else including Internet connections.
  • You shall not be more than ten metres away from me, else I’ll keep dropping your wireless connections.

There are many crap cable modems out there, but Singnet one just hit a new low.

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2 Responses to Crap Singnet cable modem

  1. Irving says:

    I used to have the ADSL version of this and of the few times I turned it off and on, the circuits blew twice! After taking it back to the service centre which is in some pretty remote area, I gave up using it.

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