Sony camcorder suffix meaning

As I was doing some research on Sony camcorders, I realized that for the same camcorder model, they have multiple suffix to denote different “type” of the same model. For example, Sony HDR CX350, CX350E, CX350/B, etc.

Here are what I could gather about the meaning of suffix:

  • No suffix: plain and basic camera, likely US/Canada model with NTSC format.
  • V-suffix: It means this camcorder has built-in GPS for geotagging.
  • E-suffix: It means this camcorder is an “E”uropean model (including Australia and most of Asia) with PAL format.
  • Character after “/” sign: It simply means the color of the camcorder. 350/R means Red color, 350/B means Black color, and so on.

So, that’s pretty much all to it. Simple when you think of it, but without proper documentation, it’s pretty hard to understand if you’re buying the right product or not.

Disclaimer: I’m not related to Sony by any means, so if I got anything wrong, let me know in the comments. ^.^

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