Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu at Plaza Singapura

It was crazily packed Plaza Singapura last night when Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu made their cast appearance around 7.30pm to promote their latest movie, Shinjuku Incident. It was already SUPER DUPER crowded from 6pm, and by the time they arrived, the crowd went wild, and camera and flash are the very obvious things around.

The moment Jackie Chan arrived, the first thing he did was to take pictures of everyone around.

He probably got photos similar to this one I took.

Daniel Wu himself was just a cool guy, letting Jackie Chan took all the spotlight.

Too bad, all the talk were in Mandarin, so I understood nuts about it.

After letting people waited for 1.5 hrs, the whole “show” only lasted less than 30 minutes. At the end, they were given caricatures of themselves.

Before they left, each of them signed on the advertisement board behind them, then left the crazy crowd behind.

Taking photo under the most difficult circumstances, with LOTS of hands going up with camera, phone, and people’s head everywhere, I think I did quite a good job in getting these shots. All in all, I took 185 shots in that hour, and after heavy selection process, only left 25 of them in my album.

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3 Responses to Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu at Plaza Singapura

  1. Leonny says:

    hehehe … nice shots! 🙂 apalagi sambil desek2an ya …

  2. Hi there
    I have just come across your blog, and its really great, have enjoyed reading your posts.
    This must have been a wonderful experience, even though you didn’t understand a word of what they were saying, great photo’s too. Look forward to returning.

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