Sports Day

Young adults fellowship from Reformed Evangelical Church (Singapore) didn’t waste the public holiday given to do some activities. This time we gathered in former School of Physical Education Bukit Timah to do sports together. We booked four badminton, one volleyball, and one basketball court for a full three hours.

The turn out was great, and people were certainly enjoying the fun.

Girls played with smile

Guys, well, were serious and competitive

Me? I probably picked the shuttlecock more than I play hehe…

For volleyball, some were really serious.

Some simply looked funny.

And finally some were there to snap pictures.

After burning our calories in sports, nothing is better than having a good lunch 😉

Complete photos in

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2 Responses to Sports Day

  1. Hidianto says:

    foto ferdinand plg mantab… andy ampe ketakutan gitu…

  2. hendrikch says:

    @Hidianto: hoho … yoi, kaya gatot kaca gayanya :p

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