Day 14 – New York City Manhattan

Today, there are no tour scheduled, so I finally got a chance to wake up late, as late as 10AM. It felt so good to wake up so late after waking up 7AM latest every day for the last many mornings. 😀

After lunch, we took New York subway to Roosevelt Island, the island between Queens and Manhattan part of New York city.

Map picture

There’s nothing in this island really except houses. You could probably walk around the island in an hour. From Roosevelt Island to Manhattan, we took the $2 cable car that passes by next to 59th St Bridge you see on the map above.

We then walked to the famous Fifth Avenue on the line of 59th St. Walking south, we stopped by Apple Store again that was really crowded with people. Next to Apple Store is a huge toy store Fao Schwarz. It’s so big, we spent more than 2 hours in the store.

Taking picture with a toy soldier. He’s very friendly, as all their other staffs I feel.

You may have seen a 3D sphere-shaped puzzle before, but wait until you see a super-sized world map they have in the store.

They also have a huge piano for you to play, with your feet no less.

Just outside the store, exactly in front of the Apple Store, there were pairs of guys and girls hugging each other, not wanting to let go of each other. For all you could guess, they were actually advertising a new kind of drink called Fuze, which is a combination of black and green tea.

Standing near them are people distributing their new drink to passerby. It tastes pretty nice too, I think.

Walking downtown, we hit 50th St where Rockefeller Center is located. By this time, the legs are already pretty tired, so we hit back home.

I wonder how much they’re selling this thing. 😛

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