Day 09 – Disneyland Park

After Hollywood yesterday, we visited Disneyland Park at Anaheim today. We took a shuttle bus from the hotel to Disneyland, and then we simply walked around the whole day, took some rides, until the main Disney parade started at 3.30pm.

Mickey, just do it.

Hi Pluto.

On the main street, at the roundabouts, they have this huge Halloween-Mickey.

Disneyland will never be complete with the castle.

or Donald Duck.

or princesses like Cinderella or Snow White.

Everything are made so cute here, even their toilets are labeled Prince and Princess.

By the time the parade started, everyone was gathered at main street to watch all Disney characters came out at the same time.

Beauty and the Beast

Little Mermaid

Lion King


And of course, the one with all these were started, Mickey Mouse. As they said, It all started with a mouse.

After the parade, I spotted Linguini, the garbage boy turned chef with the help of Remy in my favorite Ratatouille.

From there, we went across to Disneyland California Adventure Park where they have more thrilling rides. Put it another way, Disneyland Park are the PG equivalent of cinema, while Disneyland California Adventure Park are the NC16 and above. We were lucky to arrive to the adventure park earlier, as there was another Pixar parade at 5.15pm.

Being Pixar, there are whole lots of different characters being displayed.


Monster Inc


The Incredibles



Toy Story

We left Disneyland park by 6.15pm shuttle bus back to the hotel, and we were picked up at 7pm to Los Angeles LAX Airport for our 10.50pm flight.

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