Gadgets screen sizes at home

There are three persons staying in my house, Eko, Dian, and myself. Each of us have our own gadgets that have screens, and quite a lot at that. What’s so unique about us is each devices that we own have different screen sizes, and three of us combined, we covered potentially all screen sizes you can find for gadgets.

The largest screen in our house is none other than our TV at 21″, followed by three LCD monitors: Eko’s 19″, my 17″, and Dian’s 15″. Going further down the screen sizes are our laptops. I used to have 14″ very old seven-year-old Dell laptop (it’s in Jakarta now with my dad), my latest Macbook with 13.3″, Dian’s IBM Thinkpad X series with 12.1″, and finally Eko latest acquisition Acer netbook at 8.9″.

Smaller than those, we have to look at our portables. Eko and I have Dell Axim X51v with 3.5″ screen, my Canon IXUS 860IS has 3″, and Eko’s Canon EOS400D has 2.5″.
For our main phones, my Nokia E90 has 4″ internal screen and 2″ external screen, Eko’s HTC Touch has 2.8″, Dian has E71 with 2.4″. Each of us also have a second phone with much smaller screens, around 2″-type.

What’s interesting, with Dell Axim being the exception, each of us owns unique screen sizes, and three of us covered all kinds of screen sizes from 21″, 19″, 17″, 15″, 14″, 13″, 12″, 9″, all the way to < 5″ screen sizes.
Also, each of us in the house has exactly ONE desktop with ONE LCD monitor, ONE laptop (or netbook), and TWO phones. Our house has very busy occupants 🙂

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