Watching Olympics from mobile phone

This year’s Olympics are only shown on Starhub Cable TV channel 601 to 606. With the old set top boxes we have, we can only go as far as 99, so we can’t watch Olympics on TV. Navigating to Starhub Gee! on my mobile phone, I found out that they have the Olympics menu under Sports item. Clicking the item will give me six channels similar to channel 601 to 606.

I tried streaming China vs Brazil soccer match LIVE on my mobile phone, and here’s the data usage after the first half. Astonishing 85MB of data transfer !! The quality are as you would expect on a mobile phone screen, but you could still watch the match with enough detail, and there were no lag or pause felt during the whole of first half.

This must have been the most data I ever transferred to my mobile phone ever since I started having the data plan. The good thing is I can now watch Olympics matches LIVE anywhere in Singapore, simply superb !! No more boring bus or MRT trips 😀

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