Mongolian the Tent

To celebrate my boss farewell, we went to celebrate it at The Tent, Mongolian fresh grill & bar at Clarke Quay. Gengkis Khan Meal is a all-you-can eat buffet. What you do was to walk up to their bar, get a big bowl and a small bowl, and put them on a tray with a token of your table number.

After that, you walk up to vegetables bar and put all kinds of vegetables into the big bowl. Next up is a meat bar where you’ll see chicken, fish, prawns, squids, crab meat, mussels, clams, beef, lambs, you get the idea. 💡

The last bar was the challenging one. They have no less than 20 kinds of sauces, grouped into sweet & sour, mild spicy, spicy, and very spicy sauces. You’ll see well-heard teriyaki, bulgogi, satay sauce, to Mongolian, The Tent house specialty sauces, lemon water, and hosts of other weird sauces on their bar. They have chicken floss, sesames, chili powder, peanuts, wasabi, etc. as the final top-up to your sauces, to be put inside the small bowl.

You pass the chef your choices and they’ll cook it Teppanyaki-style before delivering it to your table. As it’s my first time there, I mixed anything and everything I thought I could put inside my mouth, and here’s the result. 😎

Somehow it turns out to looks like char kway teow. Can you spot noodle, tofu, fish cake, prawns, beef, fish slices, mussels, clams, peanuts, carrots, eggs, crab meats, and tomatoes in my dinner? Surprisingly, what I made up turned out to taste pretty nice. ❗

For drinks, as most of the places in Clarke Quay, they serve all kinds from juices to liquor to beer to expensive white and red wines.

As for the place, they have a very cozy place, very nice ambience, and soft-enough music in the background not to disturb your meal.

All were well until the time to pay the bill !!! It turned out to S$63 per person, the most expensive char kway teow I ever eaten. 😯

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