Indonesian is a popular language

Guess what, after English (obviously), Indonesian is the third most-popular language in WordPress blogs after Spanish and Portuguese.

Random facts picked up from They said: 30% of pageviews go to blogs in languages other than English. The most popular? Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Maybe I can try switching to Indonesian language some time 😀

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4 Responses to Indonesian is a popular language

  1. ditoo92 says:

    wah lain kali pake bahasa indonesia aja mas… ^^

  2. hendrikch says:

    ditoo92: haha….. yach, ud biasa pake inggris seh di blog….

  3. emme says:

    Bagaimana pula dengan bahasa Malaysia? 🙂 Bahasa Indonesia ramai yang menggunakannya, penduduk negara kamu ada lebih 100 million orangkan? Kerana itu, bahasa Indonesia lebih popular…

  4. hendrikch says:

    @emme: not sure about bahasa Malaysia, it was not mentioned 🙂

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