Microsoft Project *sigh*

I thought it’ll be fun to work using Microsoft Project. It’s not. I repeat, it’s not. It’s so confusing seeing all those numbers, names, tasks, lines, percentages, dates, all cluttered in one big interface. Even my two 19″ monitors can’t fit the display in.

If you thought managing numbers in Excel is hard, try managing project in Microsoft Project. It’s madness. smile_angry Anyway, as the going says (or is it saying goes?), what can’t kill you will only make you strong. Soon, I’ll be expert in Microsoft Project hehe…smile_shades

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2 Responses to Microsoft Project *sigh*

  1. Wilson says:

    yah begitulah.. project manager tugasnya tiap hari. Tp cukup comprehensive kok 🙂 Jadi ketauan yg merah2 itu perlu istirahat hehe.

  2. hendrikch says:

    hehe, iyah, skr seh ud cukup ngerti make MS Project :p

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