Outing at Singapore Botanical Garden

GRIIS young adults and teen fellowship gathered for an outing at Singapore Botanical Garden yesterday afternoon. We started about 3.15 PM, we sang songs, we listened to sharing and God’s Word, followed by fun games and dinner. Here are some photos and videos that I took, all using N95.

The first game was “Tree, Squirrel, and Hunter“. If it was to be inspired by Enchanted the movie, maybe we would have called it “Tree, Chipmunk, and Evil Queen” haha… :p Those squirrels who didn’t get tree to live in during those games were punished to dance as the rest sang along.

Those who get punishment after the first game.

It was shortly followed by sharing, first from Jo who will be leaving for Denmark this month, and Ezra together with his brothers and mother back to Jakarta.

Short sharing from Ezra before he left Singapore, for a long time

Kau sahabatku, kau saudaraku, tiada yang dapat memisahkan kita

Sing-a-song in a beautiful garden

Outing is never complete without a group photo
The turn-out was about 75 to 80 persons. I personally was very thankful for the weather, that it didn’t rain.

Get all the photos in my album. http://hendrikch.smugmug.com/gallery/3917523/

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