Lazy bum …

Just feeling lazy at home over the past couple of days. I do have lots of things to attend to, I have at least five priority-2 tasks to be completed, and one priority-1 task, but I just can’t seem to find the mood the past few days to clear them out. Reached back home, just browsing around, read news again, again, and again. Check my email again, again, and again. No, I’ve not gone that far as to browse each and every single person’s profile in Friendster or every videos there are in YouTube like the one besides me often does :p

Tomorrow is Friday, maybe finally I’ll get some mood to clear out those never-seem-to-get-done tasks. At least if I can complete one to two of them, that’ll be great.

The past few days have also seen me gone to bed half-an-hour earlier, and I hope it’s not a coincidence that I don’t feel that sleepy anymore in office. Maybe it’s not the lunch after all, maybe I just don’t have enough sleep during the night.

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