Sunday and Monday sick-update

On Sunday, I thoroughly felt much better. My temperature is down to 37°C, less headache, and overall I was quite okay. I stayed at home that whole day, until about 4PM to go to church. I reached back home close to 9PM. That night, suddenly I felt worse, I coughed badly, pain in the chest whenever I cough, headache followed. Had quite a bad night. Apology to my roommate, whom I think didn’t sleep well last night too. 😦

Left with no choice, I took my MC on Monday (today), and went to see the doctor. To my surprise, the queue was at least three times as long as it was on Saturday. The girl behind the counter recognized me when she saw me again, asked “Haven’t recovered?“. I replied “Felt worse really. *cough* *cough*” Went through the standard administration procedures, and she told my queue number was 37. I asked how many people were in the queue, she replied silently, but I read her lips “A lot !!!” And so it turns out to be about 15 queue numbers were before me, mainly families. I went around the HDB block, thinking if I could get some breakfast for myself. I saw one hawker centre just next to the clinic. To my horror, they only sell, spicy malay food, curry indian food, deep fried western food, and ice cold desserts, none of which are really that gentle to my throat and cough. Disappointed, I went back to the clinic. Luckily, there were many magazines to entertain me. I finished reading Wine & Dine, The Executive, Business Times, and few other thinner magazines before my number was called. The whole session with the doctor lasted probably less than five minutes, checked my temperature was already down to 36.6°C (which I presume is already normal), and gave me more of the same cough medicines, now added with one for phlegm.

So now, I have 101 (read that in binary) kinds of medicines for fever, pain (headache), cough, phlegm, and running nose that I have to take 1-2 tabs each 3-4 times a day. Man !!!! Talking about getting sick is worse than ……. errrrrr……. not getting sick? I had the wonderful stock of orange juices, green tea, and other stuffs in the fridge, but for now, I should only be drinking plain ol’ hot water with honey and lemon …

And the worst part? My mom and grandma called me last night in my worst condition. I was only on my first sentence on the phone, and my grandma could have already guessed that I’m having a cold. A couple of sentences later, she would have known that I had a bad cough too. Can’t really run away from parents and grandparents, can I? hehe…. They just somehow have that sixth, seventh, and eighth sense to call you when you are sick, and within the first five seconds of talking, could have known that I’m sick. Wonderful really!!!
I tried talking them not to worry too much about me. I’ll let them know again when I’ve recovered fully 😀

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