Everyone need help

I was intrigued after reading Cyla’s blog post titled People Need Us. It kinda reflected what I am thinking and struggling with right now. Allow me to try to summarize what Cyla wrote, especially the part that is relevant to this post. The first paragraph says: “In this world, many people need a friend who listens. A friend who has the time in the midst of the busy-ness and tons of errands to run.” I agree. Everyone need help.

I would like to side-track a bit by telling a fictional story:
A man was lost in the middle of the sea, on his little boat with no more water and no more food left. He prayed to God for help. Well, no later than 30 minutes, he saw a ship passed by. The crew on the ship spotted his boat and offered to help. He rejected the offer of help, saying, No thanks. I’m waiting for God’s help. Then the ship went off. Soon, the second ship passed by, offered another help, which he promptly rejected again, citing the same reason. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh ship passed by, offered help, and got rejected. Eventually, he died, went to the court of judgement and met God. He blamed God, said: God, I’ve cried for help for so long, why didn’t you help me?. God replied: I’ve sent you seven ships to rescue you, whose fault is it to reject help?

Another friend, Cindy, just shared her story to me about a person who constantly asked for help, again, again, and again without realizing that he/she is disturbing other people’s lives. Everyone need help, yes, but you need to know your limit also when asking for help. This is one extreme.

The other extreme is like the ship story above. So many people are willing to help him, but he rejected help, with his wrong assumptions about God, with his pride, with his cockiness, with his own fallen mind thinking that he know what he is doing, he think he know how to get out of the trouble. Wrong!!! First step to solving problem is to identify a problem. Next, and this one is hard for some people, is to admit that we need help. After that, pray to God, and identify God’s answer. God won’t send his angels to rescue you, he send ships, friends. Next, accept the offer of help, and lastly give thanks to God. Arrogant people don’t get pass admitting stage.

On one extreme, a person who constantly asked for help, even for some small trivial matters, unwilling to do anything about it himself. On the other extreme, a person who no matter how deep, how complicated the problem he find himself in, refused to accept other’s help. To me, both shows immaturity. Mature persons will know when to ask for help when he need one, and not to ask for help when he don’t really need one.

Mary Jane once said to Peter: “Everyone need help Peter, even Spiderman.

Chloe Sullivan said to Clark Kent in Smallville: “Look, I understand that you feel all the trouble happened are your fault, but you can’t keep it all inside. You feel the need to carry the world on your shoulder and that’s noble, but there are other people out there who want to help you fight the good fight and you need to let them in. Because sometimes even heroes need to be saved.

Comments, experiences to share, anything? Share them in comments 🙂

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