Nokia N95 vs Sony Ericsson K800i camera

When 3-megapixel Sony Ericsson K800i seems like the best in market for camera-snappy user like me, Nokia launched their latest 5-megapixel N95, and here are the comparison on their camera super-prowess I tried in office this morning.

K800i sample photo
Taken using Sony Ericsson K800i

N95 sample photo
Taken using Nokia N95

For the positive side, it has dual slider design, 5-megapixel, GPS (read not GPRS) with Singapore and Malaysia map (need to buy separately I think), and all the latest goodies from a phone. It is also surprisingly very light considering all the features that it has. Help yourself with all the good stuffs to read.

On the negative side, it IS SLOW!!! Loading the picture taken took ages to load. The first time I tried the camera, when I pressed the shutter, instead of taking picture, I saw black screen for a few seconds followed by a white screen with NOKIA word on it. Well, apparently, it hung, and restarted itself 😉 And last but not least, it IS EXPENSIVE. $1,148 with contract in Singtel or $1,220 without plan in MobileSquare.

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