Why wait? Ask iris

It was almost midnight, I was in MRT on my way back home from City Hall to Jurong East. It was raining, I didn’t bring an umbrella, so walking back from Jurong East home would have been a challenge. The only choice to reach home without being drenched was to take bus from Clementi, either 52, 105, or 183, but I was not even sure that any of the bus would still be available at that time. Come to rescue was the new iris (Integrated Route Information System) from SBS Transit. Now, we can check the bus timing in every bus stop in Singapore for any SBS Transit-operated buses. We only need the bus number as well as 5-digit unique bus stop number. For example, the one in Clementi is 17171. The one at my home is 28641.

bus stop no
How to know what is the 5-digit bus stop number

So, when I almost reached Dover, I browsed to mobile iris website from my handphone, and checked the timing for each of the buses. 52 next bus was coming in 3 mins, subsequent bus would be coming in 26 mins, so that’s out. 105 next bus was arriving (according to experience, that meant the bus is already about 1 bus stop away), and subsequent bus would be coming in 2 mins. That too was out, because I can’t possibly reach Clementi in 2 mins time. The subsequent bus for 105 was like 30 mins after that. I tried 183. Usually I don’t like 183 because it’s taking the longer route and hence longer time to reach home. To my delight, the next 183 was coming in 6 mins time and I would have reached Clementi in 4 mins by then. True to its “prediction”, when I reached Clementi, I only waited less than 2 mins, 183 bus came. I reached home dry with the fastest and cheapest possible way, and the cost of making informed-decision was to pay Starhub GPRS charges of about 15 cents.

For those who has GPRS-enabled mobile plan and handphone, bookmark this URL: http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/mobileiris/. You never knew when you’ll ever need this 🙂

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2 Responses to Why wait? Ask iris

  1. Tan Tiong Seng says:

    My job needs me to run around outside and my main transport it’s SBS bus. But I noticed that some of the times or it should be quite frequent that I had to wait for 20 plus to 30 minutes for the bus. Can I ask does it normally take this long duration? And I also noticed that some of the drivers really go very very slowly when I see others which at a normal speed. I’m going to work for this job for a long time of years and I think it’s not just me who needs this kind of issue to be improve. Please kindly reply me and please solve this issue because I’m always late for my appointment for this. Many thanks.

  2. Tan Tiong Seng says:

    For a distance where a car could reached around 3 to 4 minutes I don’t see why I had to wait for the bus for 30 minutes

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