U3 Smart Thumbdrive

To further elaborate what U3 Smart thumb drives are, as I’m sure, this will help many people realize that there are such technologies out there now. When you buy thumb drives that have U3 logo on it, your thumb drive will have autorun feature, and it is so easy to run your favorite applications on the go, wherever you go, with all your files in it, if you need it. There are lots of applications in U3 Software Download Central that have been specifically packaged to run on U3 thumb drives, both free and for sale. If you store enough applications and files in it, theoretically speaking, as long as you can find a PC, you can have your favorite applications and files. It’s a great idea, although how practical it turns out to be, we have to see 🙂

U3 Launchpad
My U3 Launchpad

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