The i’m Initiative

Windows Live Messenger (a.k.a MSN Messenger) is holding a initiative for a worthy cause, and everyone of us can be part of the them. Just by putting an emoticon on your nick name, every message that you send on your chat from now on, will help to raise some amount of money for charity organization of your choice. At first, it sounded like those chain emails that says I’ll get millions dollars from Microsoft if I forward the email to 10 or 20 friends, but this one is a legitimate information.

How does it work?
1. Use Messenger 8.1
2. Add the i’m emoticon to your display name by entering the code of the cause you would like to support (hint: I suggest adding it at the end of your name so you still appear in the correct alphabetic order in your contacts list)
3. Send and receive IMs
4. A portion of the advertising revenue generated by your usage of Messenger will be donated to your cause. So the more IMs you send and receive the more money will be donated to your cause.

What are the i’m emoticon codes and causes?

So, what are you waiting for, join in the initiative, and together, we can help to raise funds for the needy 😀 Not to mention now you have a good excuse for chatting in the office haha… :p

i’m Home
i’m Initiative and FAQ

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