Trip to Australia – Gold Coast

The following day, early in the morning, we woke up and head to Sydney Airport on our way to Gold Coast. About three hours later of flight and taxi, we arrived in Cavill Ave at Surfers Paradise, that’s the heart of the centre of Gold Coast. Simply put, we stayed in the best possible location in Gold Coast. We checked in our luggage, and then we walked around Surfers Paradise, its beach, the shopping mall around, the entertainment there (Hard Rock Cafe was just opposite us), foods (they say their fish and chips is a must try), etc etc. As we walked around, we went into Raptis Plaza and saw this huge replica of sculpture of David by Michaelangelo. It was one of the replica around the world as mentioned by Wikipedia.
David Michaelangelo and Hard Rock Cafe
David by Michaelangelo and Hard Rock Cafe

Surfers Paradise
Ambience in Surfers Paradise at night

The next morning, we woke up at 5.10 AM, and reached the beach about 5.20 AM, hoping to catch the sunrise. As it turns out, the sun has “risen” for quite a while by time we reached there. The day was spent around Surfers Paradise, as well as scouting for cheapest tickets available for the theme parks. The cheapest we found was $58 each, discounted from the original $62 had we buy directly in the theme park. Well, $4 discount times 4 people is $16, quite a substantial amount after all.

Not contented with not catching the sunrise the day before, this time, we all *kiasu* and woke up at 3.30 AM. In short, we woke up, turned off the alarm clock and continue sleeping :p We woke up around 8 AM to prepare to go to Movie World. We reached Movie World around 10.15 AM, 15 minutes “late” from the time the theme park opens, and without further ado, I headed directly to their latest thrill-ride rollercoaster, Superman Escape. When you enter the queue, you are strongly encouraged and actually asked to leave all belongings outside, every single thing in your pockets, mobile phone, camera, coins, including sunglasses, even my glasses. They call it MRT (Metropolis Rapid Transit) and during the ride, we would have experienced +4.5G and -1G. I think “G” here means gravitational unit, but not sure how it meant to real life. Fifty minutes later, I got my turn, in first seat in front !!! Exactly where I wanted to seat. The thrill lasts, well, about two minutes or so :p

Superman Escape
Superman Escape in Movie World

After the ride, we walked up the main road, and saw this Austin’s Power performing on the road. We then entered our next adventure, Shrek 4D. It’s a story of how Shrek rescue the princess in “real” 3D as you need to wear a special glasses. You sat on a chair that will move you up down left right depending on the scene in the movie. That was nothing special. The surprise came when they added some additional tricks to spice up the movie. As the donkey sneezed towards you, you’ll feel water being sprinkled upon you. It was not illusion, it was real. As they enter a forest with lots of spiders in it, you’ll feel some “spiders” tickling over your legs. so on and so on. I’d better don’t spoil the rest πŸ™‚

Shrek 4D
Shrek 4D Adventure, presented in Ogre-Vision and Looney Tunes Village

Next up is the Looney Tunes village, where we say Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the gang. As we walked out the village, we saw crowd was standing around the big screen on the main street. It was the Scooby Doo gang performing their usual ghost-hunting mission. It was creative with lots of fun and great music. Immediately after that, we rushed to catch Police Academy stunt show. To me, besides Superman Escape, this was simply the best show in Movie World, with live stunts and actions, real explosions (the last one was so big and hot that you can feel the heat almost 100 metres away), superb driving skills with either all four wheels intact on the ground, or only two on the side, or even the back two was enough. I thought they only did it in movie hehe… There are some surprises along the way of the story that I shall not reveal here πŸ™‚ As part of the Police Academy stunt show, it was fitting that they recruited some cadets from the audiences. A total of four persons were picked from the audiences to be part of their show.

Police Academy Stunt Show
Policy Academy crazy, fun, explosive stunt show

The day was followed by a parade of every single characters under the Warner Bros, from Looney Tunes, Austin Power, Shrek, Batman, Scooby Doo, Flash, etc. We ended the day by visiting the Wild Wild West corner and official Matrix exhibition.
Did I miss anything else? hmmmm….

The fourth day in Gold Coast, we walked around to find a car to rent. We ended up renting a Hyundai Getz from Hertz. My mom drove to Brisbane, I drove back from Brisbane. We were heavily reliant on the road sign besides the road and highway to help us reach Brisbane. We had no map, no clue, and no one to guide. Fortunately, we reached Brisbane, safe and sound, without being chased by police haha… We managed to find the central of Brisbane which is Queens St. It took us three big rounds in and out of the city before we could find a parking spot in Adelaide St. We had lunch there.

Queens Plaza in Queens St in Brisbane in Queensland. They do love their queen so much πŸ™‚

As we walked around George St, we saw this man painting using spray cans usually used by those kids to draw on the wall. With only spray cans, papers, and any round shapes commonly found around us, he painted (sprayed rather) wonderful spray-paintings. My dad was impressed that he bought one for $60. It’s truly an amazing work of art. We left about 3 PM from Brisbane, and we got lost. We simply couldn’t find direction back to Gold Coast, we guessed, asked around, but we were lost. Road closures around Brisbane certainly worsen the situation. Thankfully, one hour later, we found our way to the highway that leads back to Gold Coast. Since we had a bit of time left before we were to return the car by 6 PM, we stopped by Dream World and took pictures. We reached Surfers Paradise and returned the car by 5.30 PM. No time to return the car in full tank already. They charged expensive price per litre, but we can we do?

Spray Paintings
I wonder where my dad hang this painting at home

The week we went there was Indy week.Indy is a car race event that is held every year in Gold Coast. No wonder Surfers Paradise was crowded, several major roads were closed as they were used for the race track. The following morning was our last day there, and so we forced ourself to wake up at 3.30 AM to catch the sunrise. We reached the beach 3.45 AM and what we saw? Pitch black sky. Not until 4.30 AM could we see the sky gets brighter. And the sun rose about 5.06 AM. What a wait that was, but it was a worthy wait as the scenery we saw was simply amazing. That made me appreciate God’s creation more. Again, we spent our day in Surfers Paradise, catching the crowd who were going to Indy race. Some words drawn up in the sky was great. The pilot was so accurate in drawing out those letters.

We headed to Gold Coast Coolangatta airport in the evening to head back to Melbourne.

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9 Responses to Trip to Australia – Gold Coast

  1. celine says:

    where did u find de cheap theme park tix?? πŸ˜›

  2. hendrikch says:

    hi celine, as you walk around gold coast, you’ll see people setting up tables to sell tickets.
    they are usually cheaper.

  3. celine says:

    har.. serious ar?? u dare to buy from those sellers?

  4. hendrikch says:

    celine: well, i did …. anyway, they look quite decent, so it’s alright. although they setup tables outside, they actually have proper agency or shop inside somewhere, so no worries πŸ™‚
    with that said, be careful though …

    are you thinking of going there anytime soon?

  5. celine says:

    yeah going next wk and i was surfing for info.. πŸ˜› landed on ur blog. veri interesting indeed …ur blog that is πŸ™‚ hehe..keep it up!

  6. hendrikch says:

    celine: hahaha, cool… enjoy …. my dad happen to be flying there again next week ….

  7. Sofia says:


    Planning for a trip to GC on 2 – 7 July. My first time there to attend a race actually on 5 July but btw kind, I wana visit the theme parks and also squeeze in as much stuff as possible.

    Where do you suggest , if due to time constraints, which Worlds do you advise to visit?
    Where did you get the car?
    And what are the stuff we die die must try or buy or eat?
    And what must we bring in Singapore which there dun hv? Easy to find water to drink? Safe to drink from tap?


    • hendrikch says:


      For theme parks, I would think Escape is a good start. Police Academy is a MUST watch, and the parade was good too. The moment you reached there, check the next show time for each of them, and plan ample time to reach there early to get a good seat/position.

      As for the car, I rented it from Hertz in Surfer’s Paradise. Can’t remember the exact place, I was just walking around when I found it.

      Food, FISH and CHIPS in Surfer’s Paradise!! Must try.

      The rest are just the same as any other tourist spot. Hotel water are generally drinkable, outside not so.

      Enjoy πŸ™‚

  8. Gold Coast says:

    Your blog is full of wonderful tips about enjoying the Gold Coast. The tips about getting cheap tickets is great advice becuase like you said, when you are buying multiple tickets a small savings can really turn into a big discount. I would recommend to anybody to search out discounted tickets because of the potential cost savings. When you look for discounted tickets, do you need to worry about people scamming you and if so how did you protect yourself from buying forged tickets.

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