Two choices, One choice

Lucy has been walking in a dark cave for days, trying to find her way out of the cave, when she suddenly saw in front of her, that the cave is splitted into two ways, one to the left and one to the right. Lucy saw that the right one seems well … right, so she took that path and kept walking. Seven hours later, she started to doubt herself, “Have I taken the correct choice? What should I do now?” She kept walking and walking, one hour later, tired, so she sat down by the cave side. She started thinking of her choices now. One, keep walking and hope that her choice is right. After all, she could be nearer to the exit door that she thought she was. Second, waste her eight hours effort, walked back to where she started, and took the second choice, the left way, which can be wrong too, knowing she may not have enough time to get back here again, and surely regretted that she has left the right way.

What should Lucy do? What if she’s right? What if she’s wrong?

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