Laughter is the best medicine

Some people said so.
From someone to me, transcripted, edited, and censored accordingly hehe…: “Dasar elu lucu kali !!!!!! Wakakakakakakaka… garink
Another time from another person: “hahaha…. kamu lucu banget deh…boleh jg nih kalo lg stress contact kamu. kok waktu disini ga selucu ini ya….. huahuahau…kalo ga kan, i bisa ketawa sampe guling2 dilantai. seumur hidup i hanya sekali ketawa kayak gitu

Glad to know that I can make someone’s day, by making them laugh. The latter one was certainly exaggerating, but I’m happy when I can make someone else happy and laugh 🙂 Take things easy, laugh more, don’t stressed yourself out too much with things that shouldn’t be. I know, some other time, it’ll be their turn to make me laugh when I’m down. That’s what a friend is for after all, right? Strive to keep those kind of friends, because you never know what you ever had until you have lost it 🙂

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