My trip: Introduction

Okay, some of you who have read my previous blog post may be curious on where I have been these past two weeks. Didn’t you? :p So, here they are:

Two continents are Asia and Europe.
Six countries are Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.
Three nights on cruise were those from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku, Finland, and vice versa, and another one from Oslo, Norway to Frederikshavn, Denmark. It’s a super tiny cabin on cruise, a mere 9 m2 (that’s about 3m x 3m) shared by four persons, and some are strangers.

As for the photos, I have gone through about one-third of all my photos collection, and will keep finding time to sort out the rest. I have not touched the video at all, they are simply an enormous collection of videos I have in my PC now.

For those curious about international roaming charges while I was there, here are what I can gather from my latest bill from Starhub on my outgoing SMS based on different provider there:
– Turkey TurkCell – S$0.5436
– Germany TMobile DEU – S$0.3979
– Germany Vodafone GER – S$0.2369
– Germany VIAG – S$0.3956
– Denmark Telia Dnk – S$0.6222

At least now I know that I probably should stick with Vodafone next time round 🙂

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