Dinner at Coriander Leaf

Four of us went to Coriander Leaf at Clarke Quay for dinner tonight. Yanwar and I arrived there first around 6.30 pm, then waited for Winarto to arrive around 8 pm. Nelly came even later close to 9 pm I guess. Now we know Microsoft people (i.e. Winarto and Nelly) are very busy, at least compared to IBM (Yanwar) and Avanade (myself), (only for today mind you), hahaha….

Looking at the bill, Winarto ordered their signature dish, Tandoori Chicken plus Potato Naan, Yanwar ordered Barramundi which turn out to be a very very unfilling dish (though good, he said), that he ordered another Potato Naan to fill his stomach, hahaha… Nelly ordered Mushroom Lasagna, and for me, Karhai Prawn. The last one gave you three big prawns, tasted really good, and it came with Coriander Rice. When they deliver Yanwar’s Barramundi, I was so shocked for a while that I thought I’ll have small prawns with nothing else, and I was so relieved when that meal came with rice, hahaha…

This weekend round, I didn’t join the usual gang who went to Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura for dinner, simply because I had promised Yanwar first. Now, what’s for next week? hahaha… (note all my paragraph ends with hahaha… )

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