Weekend Updates

As usual, weekend updates. On Friday, we had company wide meeting, then followed by banana split competition. Above is the result of Avanadian’s banana split, from those that contains liquor, unedible accessories, had balls, balanced yin and yang, had three-tier architecture, had six sticks to signify Avanade‘s sixth year, and so on, hahaha… We closed the event by having meal of KFC and Pizza Hut. We also had Ben & Jerry ice cream, *yummy*

After then, I went to Fish and Co. for dinner with Eric, Dapit, Ferry, Emmy, and Nita. I ordered Seafood Platter for one person, but since I’ve already had KFC and Pizza Hut one hour before, I could only finish the prawns, fish, and calamari, but left the chips largely untouched. Photos waiting from Dapit.

The remaining Saturday and Sunday was rather fruitful days, managed to do quite a number of things (which I can’t recall now), didn’t skip any of my Quiet Time and church. Though I missed two sessions of tennis with my flatmates, but higher priorities tasks must come first.

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