BarCelona Wine Bar

Today was another event from the company as we went to BarCelona Wine Bar at Robertson Walk, just inside Clemenceau Avenue. I didn’t have my dinner before going there, but had quite a lot of finger foods like pizzas and chicken wings. As for the drink, we were entitled to two free drinks, so I ordered Whisky Cola for my first and Vodka-7-Up for my second. I could taste the liquor for my first drink, but my second drink tasted more 7-Up than Vodka.
We left BarCelona around 10 pm, but the adventure didn’t end there. We walked out from Robertson Walk to Clemenceau Avenue to grab a cab. We waited in the crossroad for about 10 mins, then realized that there were very few cabs going through that way, so we walked further up to try our luck, while at the same time trying to call for taxis. Seconds after we left that crossroad, a couple walked there and immediately got a cab. What a “luck” for us. So, we walked and walked until we found a taxi stand. We waited there, while at the same time, trying to call and flag cabs, to no avail. After a while with no sign of improvements, we walked to Liang Court, still trying to get call into taxi’s phone system. I tried all kinds of cabs, from blue color, yellow, green, silver, red, white, you name it, but none of them have spare line to answer our call. Siannzzz… until my phone battery died on me.
Finally, after 40 minutes or so of a quest to get taxi, we “hijacked” a taxi near the taxi stand. Someone was getting down from taxi, and without asking whether he’ll pick us up, we just hopped into it, and ask him to drive four of us home, to four different places. He wouldn’t have picked us if we told him earlier that we are going four different places.

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