Watched Kingdom of Heaven

70-75 of us from GRII and friends, seated from row F to row M in Cathay Cineleisure last night to watch Kingdom of Heaven. For me, it was just OK, the fighting scene was not as mesmerizing as Lord of the Ring’s, the act was just okay. The storyline however, instilled a number of good and wise points to the viewers.

We all finished our fellowship at around 7 pm, and it took close to one hour to move 70 people from Bugis to Somerset alone. Imagine how Moses managed to move millions of people in the desert from Egypt to Canaan, somemore at the time where handphone has not been invented yet.

Most of us reached Cathay around 7.40, rushed for a piece of Burger King, and arrived at the cinema close to 8 pm when the show has already started.

All in all, it was a memorizing one, especially when there are so many people you know around you. More of this in two weeks time for Star Wars III.

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