Countdown to 20,000 hits

My first website was created wayyyy back in 1999 with hit counter started from 1. Second, third, and fourth designs soon followed during my NTU days. Version 5 was born when I started to join the blogging world back in April 2004. Version 5 started with hit counter around 9000. So, if you calculate it, it took me five years from 1999 to 2004 for that 9000 hits.
Starting with version 5, as blog’s nature, contents is more important than website designs. And your responses were very good. 900 hits over the first month of my blog, back at Blogdrive. Now at Tabulas, still thinking whether this should be called version 6, we are closing in to my 20,000th hit. Now, if you read this post, take a quick look at lower right corner, check if you are the 20,000 visitors here. If you are, post in the comment, and I’ll think what I can reward you with
Comparatively, four versions of websites took five years for 9000 hits, and one version of blog only needed two years for 11,000 hits. Thanks everyone for the support over the years. You are the reason I kept going.
Lastly, at this milestone, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, my readers, for feedbacks, comments, encouragements, critics, and anything that you may want to say about my blog.

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