Opera 8 Released

I have been waiting for its released for a while now, but finally Opera 8 Browser has been released.  It’s a browser, it’s an email client, it’s a RSS newsfeed reader, and it’s an IRC client, all packaged in a 3.6MB size that’s smaller than Firefox browser alone.  It’s the fastest, most standard compliant, highly customizable, most secure (compare with IE or Firefox), works in Windows, Mac, Linux, you name it, and the most full-featured browser we have now (unlike Firefox, in Opera, everything is built-in). Opera also received PC World’s Best Browser Award in 2004. No kidding, no exxagerating, it’s just something good, and something good, like Bible, must be shared, right?
I will post my review in a few days, but in the mean time, compare Opera with Internet Explorer (Browser 1) and Firefox (Browser 2), read all the buzz about Opera , or 30 Days to become an Opera8 Lover (a very good article to highlight all Opera features), or check why Adobe chose Opera for its latest Creative Suite 2.
So, download the browser now, and try it for yourself.

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