Logitech MX310 mouse

I just bought myself a new Logitech MX 310 mouse for 1/3 of the market price, hehe.. Well, I bought it from a shop which is about to close shop (don’t know why), and they were selling their left-overs cheaply. I managed to get hold of a $59 mouse for only $20. It has 6 buttons in total, 4 on top, 1 on each side, and that MX engine !!!!
Yes, I was like you yesterday, didn’t know what MX engine from Logitech was. But now after I tried that mouse, I can tell you, you can feel its the accuracy, the smoothness after only 5 minutes of using it. Quoting from Logitech: “This is not your ordinary optical mouse. The MX™310 features Logitech’s new MX™ Optical Engine, a tracking technology so advanced that you get instant response to even your fastest movements. You´ll get outstanding performance, a comfortable fit, and an array of time-saving extra features… all in an eye-catching design. Once you step up to the advanced precision of the Logitech MX™ Optical Engine, you’ll never look back. Once you plug it in, you’ll enjoy the difference immediately: from the ultra-smooth, precise tracking to the sleek silver and black design to the comfortable sculpted shape that fits both left and right hands“. I couldn’t agree more!!! This mouse simply lives to its expectation, and I am not exaggerating here 🙂 Now I know what made it so expensive. It was really a joy to use such a great mouse, especially now with its 66% discount :p

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