I’m so higgghhhh….

Not really high, but I think I’m a bit drunk after Wine Appreciation night in Wine Network in Holland Road. It was company’s recreation event where almost 30 persons show up. We tasted several kinds of wines, white wine and red wine, from different parts of the world, from Brazilian to South African’s.
I learned that wine was first found 7000 years ago.  In what we know now as Iraq, last time called Babylon. It was then learned in France, from where the wine tradition spreads around the world.
The owner of Wine Network also taught us how to properly hold a glass of wine, why the glass of wine is shaped as it is today, and why there are white wine and red wine. We were also taught that a good white wine should have a sparkling when near a light source.
Some wine we appreciated were tasted better than it smells, and some smells better than it tasted. Some smells like honey dew to me, some feel refreshing, and some just tasted well, like wine, hehehe…

It was really interesting to learn about wine and its history, and of course has a “little” taste to it along with finger food that tasted good.

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