Google Browser?

After Google Search and Google Mail (Gmail), could we be expecting Google Browser (Gbrowser) or Google Instant Messaging (GIM) anytime soon?
As for Gbrowser, rumours flew around the Web about Google’s potential plans to release a Web browser.

These rumours have been fuelled by a number of high-profile hires that Google has made, including various people who worked on Microsoft Internet Explorer, added to the fact that Google Inc. has registered the domain name until April 2006.
Ah well, we’ll see… but for the moment, there’s always alternative to Internet Explorer, such as ever-wonderful Opera and Firefox. I am using both Opera and Firefox daily, only using Internet Explorer if I really really have to. I suggest you follow suit.
Update: I actually forgot to mention that Google currently has more than just Search and Mail. They currently have Google News, Google Groups, Google Toolbar, Google Blog (Blogger), and Google “Friendster” (Orkut) as well. Anything else I miss?

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