Do you believe in Soulmate?

Soulmate… hmmm… something that struck my mind since last week. I had a discussion about this “soulmate” thing, though not long enough to come to any conclusion. We were “separated” into two camps, those who believes soulmate concept, and those who doesn’t.
Do you believe that you have your soulmate somewhere out there, waiting to be united with you? Or do you believe that soulmate doesn’t exist? Do you think, no matter how you “chase” or “chased”, if he/she is not your soulmate, both of you will never be one? And if he or she is your soulmate, no matter what obstacles comes before you, both of you will eventually become one?
Or to make it more complex, can you have soulmates ?? Meaning, you will eventually be with one of them, but which one of them, it’s your choice?
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts ….

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