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Hi all, especially pat2 and dian.

ok, I actually wanted to write this few days back to reply comments to this post, just didn’t have a chance to write one. I will write on my activities for the next one month or so in the coming days. One thing for sure, don’t forget this Friday is NTU ISCF Musical 2004 “My QUESTion”. Be there.

in fact, after I thought again on what you all were saying, I think we are not right nor wrong.

In one side, yes, it is my blog, who cares? but on the other side, if the readers (all of you) doesn’t like what I write here, or at least more and more stuffs that you don’t understand here, would you come and come again?

No? and if nobody come here again, will I have the encouragement to continue my blog knowing I am the only person who actually read my own blog? No.

So, all in all, it’s true that this is my blog and not a magazine where I need to satisfy everyone, but let’s make this a two-way interactive “community”, shall we? You all happy and keep coming, I am happy, and I will keep posting to make you happy to make me happy, and so on …. in ideal world that is, but I do have high hope.

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