Is 1 GB enough?

I started using Gmail (new free web-based email from Google) on 21 June 2004 and as today, I have already used 16% of the space. 161 MB to be exact. I followed Gmail recommendation to “Archive, don’t Delete” for nearly every single email I received, and I am now surprised to have used 161 MB in less than a month. Prior to using Gmail, I uses my work email address and still delete emails that I does not want already, as what we always did. I filled up the 85 MB space in 3.5 months.
Now with the “Archive, don’t Delete” approach, I filled up the same amount of space SEVEN times as fast. I told my friend when I started, calculating from my previous track record, if I uses 85 MB in 3.5 months, 1000 MB should last me near to 3.5 years which is good.
However, with the new track record with Gmail, that 1000 MB can only lasts me six months, which is NOT good. Granted, there are a hell lot of junk inside, but that’s what Gmail wanted in the first place, isn’t it? Frankly, there may be less than 10 MB of emails that I wanted to keep in there. I think Gmail should start considering changing their approach and make it easier for us to delete emails. Who needs to archive junks after all?

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