Some research about mobile phone

You know, I subscribed CNET Asia newsletter to get the latest news about technology, but this week’s edition of its newsletter started with an alarming summary. Here it goes: “Just when I thought there’re no more surprises in this job, up comes another shocker. According to a new study conducted by Hungarian researchers, men who consistently carry a mobile may have their sperm count reduced by up to 30 percent. Although there’re similar studies in the past, this is the first to suggest that radiation by the handset, even when it’s not in use, may impact male fertility. Needless to say, those who keep their phones near their groin are most susceptible to this risk.
I quickly browsed Google and found several sites that have already put up this news, so it seems there were really such study. You can read more here, here, or here.
Ah well, not a good way to start Monday, but I’ll leave you (and myself) pondering where and how you are going to carry your mobile phone from now.

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