Huge Storage Free Emails

Following up my previous entry that states currently I have 3.21 GB of email space, few people asked me how I get such huge email space for free.
OK, I’ll list down all emails I have for now.
1. Company email – 85 MB
2. Hotmail – 2 MB – must retain to use MSN Messenger.

3. Yahoo! Mail – 100 MB now.
And here comes big ones which I have just signed up recently:
4. AventureMail – 2000 MB – but quite often Server Error, no option to send attachment, and only 15 contacts allowed in address book. They are currently not accepting new registrations, but I was one of the lucky first 5000 persons who signed up on 9th of June 2004 when they launched.
5. SpyMac – 1024 MB – a good email I thought initially, until I started using it. First, the attachment I attached to my email never get through to the other party, and it seems no email from YahooGroups have ever reached its inbox. I have confirmed the latter with another person that it seems SpyMac and YahooGroups are not in good terms.  Oh yes, they are still accepting new registrations if you want to try.

So all adds up to around 3.21 GB of emails. Well, since (4) and (5) does not meet my expectations, I will more or less abandon them, and stick with the first three for now.
Oh yes, I am still waiting for that 1 GB GMail.  For the uninitiated, GMail is an email service from Google, so it has to be good.

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