Two nice songs from Don Moen latest

I’ve been listening to Don Moen latest album, Thank You Lord for the last few days, and there are two songs that caught my heart *ciehhh*.
They are:
1. Thank You Lord
This song shows the simplicity of how worship can be. Don Moen says on the inspiration from which this song came from: “I was sitting at my church in the balcony, looking at the congregation, and wishing I had a simple song of thanks that people can sing.  Praise and worship songs can get very complicated. The congregation really wants to worship, but sometimes as leaders we make it difficult musically and lyrically for them to do that.

That Sunday in my own church, I asked the Lord to give me a song that causes people to give thanks to Him easily, that puts thanksgiving on their lips. The result was “Thank You Lord.” The reffrein goes like this: “With a grateful heart, with a song of praise, with an outstretched arm, I will bless Your name, thank You Lord, I just want to thank You Lord” It only took me three times of listening to this music before I can memorize the reffrein and some part of the song.

2. Rescue
This songs shows that we really need Jesus in our life. The refrrein goes like this: “I need You Jesus to come to my rescue, tell me, where else can I go? Coz there’s no other name, by which I am saved, capture me in Your grace, I will follow You.” This song I believe really suits those who are having problems in their life.

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