Looking for web host for my blog

OK, Here I am planning to build version 5.0 of my website.
Soon after I have had my dinner back home, I shall start on this new project, yee haa…
some checklists that I have figured out are:
1. FREE webhost with FTP access to upload this Blogger. (I found this great site to help me do this. It’s called The Free Site)
2. Install either FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Think I will give Dreamweaver a good chance this time round 🙂
3. Dig for my visitor counter. I had one last time, and it’s high time to look for the code to be pasted in my web.
4. Design for my new website. Shall it be artistic, clean and simple, Flash-y?
5. Tag-board/guestbook/discussion forums and other web accessories. Yeah, who said only our mobile phone that need accessories? my web needs one too…  he he…

Well, that’s all for now. It’s time to hunt for tonite’s dinner….
I will think of any other thing to do with my new website on my way back home.

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