Long trip on the road…

Finally, reached home, had dinner, taken a bath, then back to blog, hahaha …
I thought my journey would take only 45 minutes at most. Instead, the bus I took was “trapped” in a traffic jam that it took me total of 1.5 hrs to reach home. So, stuck there with nothing much to do, I had a couple of options there. Finish the book I am reading now, Discovering God’s will by Sinclair B. Ferguson, sleeppzzz…, or go online.
I opted for the latter, and going online in the bus was just a matter of seconds. I took out my T610, turn on its Bluetooth, then took my iPAQ 2210, turn on its Bluetooth as well, then hit the Connect button.
Less than 20 seconds latter, I launched the built-in MSN Messenger Service, and sign-in to the net.
Thanks to ~dee who chatted with me to keep me awake, he he.. I’ve also just found out that she has closed her blog due for some reason that I do not know.
Okie, time to start the first step of developing version 5.0 of my web. Install Dreamweaver, here we goo….

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